We’re Back!!!

This is super embarrassing. We haven’t had a post in almost 3 weeks. Pretty sure that’s unacceptable.

We suck. We’re in the wrong here.

What exactly were we doing? Well, there was a week of vacation at the beach. And Pats training camp. And a road trip or two. And some boy bands in concert.

Sorry, but that’s just how we roll in the summer.

In apology, we offer you one of the best things to come out during our football hiatus:


OK, we hope that Peyton and Eli have smoothed everything over between us and that you have found it in your hearts to forgive us. Never fear – we’ve got lots of good content coming up for you with the start of the 2014 season. A lot has happened over the last few weeks of preseason and we’re going to do our best to get you ready for the kickoff on Thursday, September 4. Get excited!

-Val and Michelle


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