2014 Preseason Team Profiles: New York Jets

2014 NFL Preseason Team Profile New York Jets

Team Name: New York Jets

Division: AFC East

Stadium: Metlife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)

2013 Record: 8-8

Head Coach: Rex Ryan (2009 – present), one of the biggest personalities in the NFL, doesn’t want to kiss Bill Belichick’s rings, has a foot fetish, got a Mark Sanchez tattoo

Quarterback: Geno Smith (2013 – present), awarded the starting QB position when Mark Sanchez was hurt in a 2013 preseason game, got off to a slow start and gradually improved in December, although not enough to get the team in the playoffs


3 Offensive Players You Should Know:

Nick Mangold, Offensive Lineman, Center (74) –  He’s arguably the best center in the NFL. We’ve lost count of the number of times he’s been to the Pro Bowl. He always has a really impressive beard. His sister, an Olympic weight lifter, was on The Biggest Loser.

Chris Johnson, Running Back (21) – Came from Tennessee this off-season and will be a nice complement to RB Chris Ivory. See below for more details.

– Eric Decker, Wide Receiver (87) – Came from Denver this off-season. Although Decker is an upgrade at this position, the wide receiver group as a whole is still underwhelming. He’s got a show on E! with his wife Jessie James because they are a ridiculously attractive couple.


3 Defensive Players You Should Know:

– Muhammad Wilkerson, Defensive End (96) – It’s really hard to run the ball against the Jets. Wilkerson is one of the reasons why. He was a 2011 first-round draft pick and an alternate for the Pro Bowl last year.

– Sheldon Richardson, Defensive End (91) – This first-round draft pick was the 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year (just beating Kiko Alonso of the Bills).

– Damon Harrison, Defensive Lineman, Nose Tackle (94) – He’s not the most recognizable player in the league, but his nickname is Big Snacks and that’s why he deserves to be mentioned here.


What Happened This Offseason:

– Got wide receiver Eric Decker from Denver. Can’t say we understand why you would want to catch balls from Geno instead of Peyton, but the $36 million contract probably has something to do with it.

– Picked up running back Chris Johnson from Tennessee. In 2009, he earned the nickname of CJ2K after becoming the 7th player in the history of the league to run for 2,000 total yards in a regular season. Can’t say he’s been quite as successful since then, but he blames that on the revolving door of offensive coordinators in Tennessee and the torn meniscus he played with last year. He’s excited to work with Marty Mornhinweg (Offensive Coordinator) and thinks he can up his productivity.

– Acquired Michael Vick as their backup quarterback. Vick is actually being paid more than Geno Smith, which makes him a very expensive insurance policy.


Why You Should Cheer for Them: “For the love of God, don’t make me come up with reasons to cheer for the Jets.” – Michelle


2014 Theme Song: Last Chance (Jet) – If Rexie doesn’t get some results this year, he’s going to be shown the door. This is, in fact, his “last chance.” Also, this song is performed by Jet…for the Jets….get it? Double whammy!


The Last Word: The Jets are another team that tends to rely on their defense to make it through the season. Nothing wrong with that, but at some point your offense has to put some points up on the board. Their off-season acquisitions should help, but there’s still a lot riding on Geno’s shoulders.

The other thing to keep in mind is that their secondary (the cornerbacks and safeties) sucks. We’re not just saying this because we’re Patriots fans and like to make fun of the Jets. It’s true. In fact, our friends at the MMQB put it bluntly: “When looking at the Jets, shield your eyes. They have the most glaring weakness in the entire NFL: their defensive backfield.”


– Michelle


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