What’s Next on The Snap – September 2014

The Snap Football Blog What's Next September 2014

We’ve got a lot going on with The Snap right now and we just wanted to keep you in the loop, so you keep coming back.

– We started our preseason team profiles and we intend to finish them, even though preseason is done. Our goal is to get them completed by the end of September. We figure it’s still worth your while to read these recaps so you can recognize the big names on each team. 4 down, 28 to go. Wish us luck.

– We will also be doing weekly recaps of the games each week. Even if you didn’t watch any of the games, and you still feel like you don’t understand the game of football, read the recaps!


You’ll be “in the know.”

You’ll be able to contribute to NFL discussions at work and be able to impress your significant other with random facts.

On top of that, you’ll continue to get familiar with names and terminology. We try to keep everything simple, approachable, and somewhat entertaining (my mom tells me I’m funny), so give our recaps a chance.

– In the next few weeks, you should also see a position breakdown post. What does each position do on the field? How do you recognize each position on the field? Which players are on defense and which are on offense? This is part of our “basics” series to get you acquainted with the actual game.

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