Football Basics – Position Abbreviations


We don’t like to assume that everyone knows everything about football, so occasionally we like to bring it back to the basics.

We use a lot of abbreviations on this blog when describing positions, so we’re going to define them here. Yeah, some of this might seem like common sense, but ya never know.

If you see one of these guys (—>) that means that those positions fall within the category above. For example, a center is also an offensive lineman.



QB – Quarterback

RB – Running back

FB – Fullback

WR – Wide receiver

TE – Tight end

OL – Offensive lineman

—> C – Center

—> G – Guard

—> OT – Offensive tackle



DL – Defensive lineman

—> DE – Defensive end

—> DT – Defensive tackle

—> NT – Nose tackle

LB – Linebacker

—> MLB – Middle linebacker

—> OLB – Outside linebacker

DB – Defensive back

—>CB – Cornerback

—> S – Safety

—> SS – Strong safety


Special Teams

K – Kicker (or PK for Placekicker)

P – Punter

LS – Long snapper



HC – Head coach

OC – Offensive coordinator

DC – Defensive coordinator


I promise you, we have descriptions of the positions coming your way soon. I was a Girl Scout for 13 years (yes, that’s a lot of cookies), so I wouldn’t lie to you about these things.

– Michelle


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