2014 Season Team Profiles: Pittsburgh Steelers


Team Name: Pittsburgh Steelers

Division: AFC North

Stadium: Heinz Field (Pittsburgh, PA)

2013 Record: 8-8

Head Coach: Mike Tomlin (2007 – present), he did this last year and was fined $100,000

Quarterback: Ben Roethlisberger (2004 – present), nicknamed Big Ben because he’s a big dude, haven’t seen his name in the headlines recently so one could call him a bit of a reformed bad boy, although if we ever saw him in a bar, we’d walk the other way


3 Offensive Players You Should Know:

– Antonio Brown, Wide Receiver (84) – We don’t know what we would have told you about Antonio if this profile came out before the start of the season, except for that he’s a decent wide receiver. Now that the season has begun, we think you should know that he moonlights as a ninja, as evidenced by his opening day cleat-to-the-face kick of the Browns’ punter.

– Heath Miller, Tight End (83) – Miller has spent his entire career with the Steelers. Depending on who the OC is, he usually manages to get a few touchdowns every year. He restructured his contract this year to help the Steelers out with their cap problem.

– Markus Wheaton, Wide Receiver (11)This young receiver is headed into his second year with some big expectations. With Emmanuel Sanders gone, Wheaton should get more balls thrown his way. He’s an intriguing fantasy prospect, especially in PPR (points per reception) leagues.


3 Defensive Players You Should Know:

– Troy Polamalu, Strong Safety (43) – You should definitely recognize him from his Head & Shoulders commercials. His hair is insured for $1 million.

– Ryan Shazier, Linebacker (50) – Shazier was the Steeler’s 2014 first round draft pick and made some waves (the good kind that earns you playing time) during training camp. He has alopecia, the autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. (How unfortunate that he follows Polamalu in this list.) You should read this article about him because he seems like a genuinely good guy.

– Brett Keisel, Defensive End (99)Brett is only on this list because he grows a crazy beard and then shaves it off in some form to benefit charity every year. Google image it. If that isn’t awesome enough, he’s got his own salsa and the photo on it makes him look like a member of the Duck Dynasty cast.


What Happened This Offseason:

– The Steelers had a lot of movement and contract restructuring in the off-season because they had some cap issues. If you aren’t familiar with the cap, it is the salary limit enforced on each team.

– Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders left the Steelers to go hang out with Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

– The Steelers picked up running back LaGarette Blount in the off-season, who joins a running back committee including Le’Veon Bell, who you should have on your fantasy team, and Dri Archer, a rookie who had the second-fastest time ever recorded in the 40-yard dash at the combine. Blount and Bell got arrested in August for pot possession. Really, Blount, really?


Why You Should Cheer for Them: Shazier seems like a good reason to cheer for the Steelers. We’ll go with that.


2014 Theme Song: I Need a Dolla (Aloe Blacc) – When you have cap issues like the Steelers did, you need a dolla. Or two. Or millions.


The Last Word: The AFC North is always a tight division, and we don’t really see that changing this year. They could finish first in their division, or third, and we wouldn’t be surprised in either situation.


– Michelle and Val


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