Charity Spotlight: Derrick Coleman’s No Excuse Foundation

In light of all the negative NFL news the last two weeks, we can’t emphasize enough that those headlines are not reflective of all the players. There are so many good guys in the league that are using the opportunities the NFL has given them to make a difference. We will continue to use the Charity Spotlight as a place to bring attention to those who give back and leave a positive impact on the community.

If you don’t remember one of the best stories to come out of the most recent Super Bowl, prepare to be amazed by a truly inspiring player. Here’s the one-minute version of his story sponsored by Duracell (cue dramatic music):


Not enough? Here’s the four-minute version of his story. We’ll wait while you watch.


WHO: Derrick Coleman, Seahawks Fullback

CHARITY NAME: The Derrick L Coleman Jr. No Excuse Foundation

Derrick Coleman No Excuses logo

CAUSES: The foundation “empowers, unites, and advocates for people of all ages who are deaf or hard of hearing.” Their mission is to “inspire and encourage those with hearing loss to adopt our ‘No Excuse’ mantra as they work to achieve their dreams [and to] lessen instances of bullying aimed at those with hearing impairments, and other disabilities, through education and awareness.”

As noted in the video clips, Derrick was the first deaf offensive player to play in the league. He has a really fantastic attitude about life in general, which is why we think his story is worth sharing.

We figured now was a great time to bring attention to the No Excuse Foundation because of their Plug Your Ears for Charity Hearing Challenge. It’s getting too cold for the ice bucket challenge, so we think this is a fantastic idea!

Derrick Coleman No Excuses Challenge

This season, the No Excuse Foundation will also be hosting one under-privileged hearing impaired youth at a Seahawks home game each week.

Are you totally inspired? You definitely should check out the No Excuse online store. Personally, we love the hooded sweatshirt.



Keep up the great work Derrick! You can definitely count us among your fans.

– Michelle


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