Women and the NFL

Women and the NFL

I was a few classes shy of a Women’s Studies minor in college. I’ve seen Miranda Lambert twice in concert and my favorite part is always when she brings out her rifle microphone stand and sings about teaching an abuser a lesson in “Gunpowder and Lead.” As a child of the Spice Girl age, I’m a firm believer in Girl Power. I’ve definitely asked myself, “What Would Beyonce Do?” (The answer is usually run the world.)

The point is strong, independent women are inspiring to me, and the role of gender in our culture is intriguing, which is why it was inevitable that I would start a Women in the NFL column on The Snap.

The NFL has definitely targeted women more in the last few years, which is smart considering our spending power, but I’m not quite sure they’ve figured us out yet. In light of recent events, it’s not going to get any easier to convert female fans. That’s why the NFL is paying me the big bucks….oh wait, they aren’t….to convert some of my female friends.

So what is this column going to be about? It’s going to be about the women in the league, as well as the female fan. Our first post will be about a team that is getting it right with regards to their female fan marketing.

We can’t wait to bring you future posts that combine two of our favorite topics: the NFL and the ladies who love it.

There may be a lot of guys in the league, but we all know who runs the world…

– Michelle


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