Our Thoughts – 2014 NFL Week 4 Recap

Our Thoughts Snap Football

You know it’s going to be a good week when you walk past a starting NFL quarterback in the lobby of your hotel. More on this later, but let’s just say things have been exciting.

As always, we didn’t watch all the games, we just watched highlights and read others’ commentary after the games. Shout-out to Southwest for having free TV on their flights, so I wasn’t completely in the dark while I was flying over this great nation of ours.

This is what we thought about week 4…

New York Giants (45), Washington (14) – From now on, Thursday Night Football will be called Thursday Night Smackdown. This week the Giant’s defense did the smacking. They looked good and are definitely emphasizing creating turnovers. Panic over the Giant’s new offense has subsided now. Eli (Giants QB) looked great (5 touchdowns), and Captain Kirk (Redskins QB) didn’t look anything like the previous week (5 interceptions this week). Larry Donnell (Giants TE) got 3 touchdowns. Just another day in the unpredictable NFC East, my friends. (M)

Baltimore (38), Carolina (10) – We all knew this was going to be the Steve Smith Sr. (Ravens WR) show because he used to be on the Panthers. He had 139 yards and 2 touchdowns on the day, including a cool TD on a tipped pass from Owen Daniels (Ravens TE). The Panthers don’t look like same team they were at beginning of year. The original concern was over their WRs but they are losing RBs left and right. (DeAngelo Williams got hurt. Again.) The losses don’t appear to be on Cam Newton (Panthers QB), as their o-line is struggling and their defense misses Greg Hardy (Panthers DE). (V)

Green Bay (38), Chicago (17) – The Pack has returned! Someone call Alicia Keys because Aaron Rodgers (Packers QB) was on fi-yah! Eddie Lacy (Packers RB) is struggling, but the Green Bay wide receivers had him covered today. Jay Cutler (Bears QB) was Good Cutler the first half, and Bad Cutler the second half. Neither defense played that well. Here’s your fun fact – there were no punts in this game. This is only the second time in NFL history this has happened. (V)

Houston (23), Buffalo (17) – In this week’s edition of “What J.J. Watt Did,” we discover that Mr. Watt is capable of returning an interception 80 yards for a touchdown. He also had 6 quarterback hurries (this means that it wasn’t an official quarterback sack, but he definitely scared the crap out of E.J. Manual (Bills QB) and rushed his decision-making process) and a pass defended. His other contributions didn’t necessarily come across in numbers, but apparently he was a force to be reckoned with, per usual. What can’t this man do? In other news, Manual didn’t look too great, so the Bills were relying on their run game, lead by C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson. Houston’s run game struggled, gaining only 37 total yards. At some point, Ryan Fitzpatrick (Texans QB) is going to hold back Houston with his QB play. (M)

Indianapolis (41), Tennessee (17) – Andrew Luck (Colts QB) played like a boss. 4 TDs, no sacks, and 9.6 yards per attempt definitely qualify as a good day. It was Reggie Wayne’s (Colts WR) 200th career game and he celebrated with 119 yards and a touchdown, which is impressive considering he’s less than a year removed from ACL surgery. Charlie Whitehurst (Titans QB) stepped in for an injured Jake Locker. Wasn’t completely his fault they lost because they just weren’t looking so hot overall. (V)

Detroit (24), New York Jets (17) – Megatron (Calvin Johnson, Lions WR) was limited by his ankle injury, but Matt Stafford (Lions QB) didn’t need him because the Jets secondary is so thin. No turnovers for Stafford, but not much of a run game for the Lions either. Golden Tate (Lions WR) had a great game. The crowd in New Jersey began chanting for Michael Vick (Jets QB) in the fourth quarter, but Rex (Jets head coach) says Geno Smith (QB) is still the starter going forward. Smith was booed when he came back onto the field after tossing an interception. Granted, he has limited weapons for receivers, but he was also caught on camera yelling a bad word at a fan as he walked off the field. Tsk, tsk! (He did apologize for losing his cool after the game, in case you were wondering.) Chris Ivory has replaced Chris Johnson as Jets lead running back, which would be fine if he was being used the correct way by Marty Morhinweg (Jets Offensive Coordinator), who is getting criticized by everyone for his play-calling. (V)

Miami (38), Oakland (14) – The poor, poor Raiders. We feel bad for them because the game was in London and considered a “home” game for Oakland. They are continuing their 10-game losing streak (going back to last season) and to make matters worse, Derek Carr (Raiders QB) suffered a high ankle sprain and MCL sprain. Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins QB) was trying to silence the haters and had one of the best games of his career (*cough cough* against the 0-4 Raiders). (M)

Tampa Bay (27), Pittsburgh (24) – It doesn’t get much better than a last minute touchdown to determine the winner of a game. Mike Glennon (Bucs QB) hit Vincent Jackson (Bucs WR) with 7 seconds to go and it was pretty darn exciting to watch. He did more with the offense than injured QB Josh McCown was able to do in previous weeks. Tampa Bay finally got their first win of the season and Lovie (Bucs head coach) looked so happy. Big Ben (Steelers QB) was definitely exhibiting some “Manningface” at the end of the game. Steelers were better team for most of the game, except for the last few minutes when they lost it. (M)

San Diego (33), Jacksonville (14) – Blake Bortles (Jaguars rookie QB) is an upgrade over Chad Henne (Jaguars QB), but he’s still got a lot to learn. Chargers run game needs Ryan Mathews (RB) back, and is missing Danny Woodhead (RB who went on IR last week). Toby Gerhart (Jaguar RB) is not the bell-cow Jax said he would be. Philip Rivers (Chargers QB) is still getting rave reviews – yes, it was an easy match-up against Jaguars but he’s got a new center, bad run game, and the o-line is eh. I wish Keenan Allen (Chargers WR) on my fantasy team. (V)

Minnesota (41), Atlanta (28) – Teddy Time (at least until he went out in the 4th quarter with an ankle injury)! Teddy Bridgewater (Vikings rookie QB) says it’s only a sprain and he’ll be back for Thursday. He looked good before the injury (threw for 317 yards, 27 rushing, averaged more than 10 yards per attempt and ran for a score). The Vikings ran four touchdowns in, so they weren’t exactly missing Adrian Peterson. Injuries aplenty to the Falcons o-line, so much so that they used a tight end at right tackle (this is a position on the o-line) to finish the game. One of the lone bright spots for the Falcons was Devin Hester, who had another touchdown. Really neat to see him being used outside of special teams. (V)

San Francisco (26), Philadelphia (21) – All of Philly’s touchdowns were scored by their defense or special teams. Philly is a victim of the injured o-line epidemic going around the league. As a result of the Eagles missing so many starters on their offensive line, the run game is suffering. LeSean McCoy (Eagles RB) also known as “Shady,” just isn’t putting up the numbers he did last year. Nick Foles (Eagles QB) is getting hit way too often to stay healthy. In other news, the 9ers were able to silence some of their critics with the win and their defense showed up big time. Poor Vernon Davis (9ers TE) hurt his back. Frank Gore (9ers RB) is back on my mom’s good side, as a result of him putting up some good numbers for her fantasy team. The threats to bench him on Wilfork You Up have stopped…for now. (M)

Dallas (38), New Orleans (17) – The Cowboys opted to receive the ball after winning the toss at the beginning of the game, scored, and never looked back. Who would have thought? Tony Romo (Cowboys QB) is looking good coming off his back surgery, the o-line is the real deal, and the defense is exceeding expectations. (Refer to Our Thoughts Week 1: “It’s gonna be a long season for Dallas without a defense.”) DeMarco Murray (Cowboys RB) is killing it, furthering his lead in rushing for the league last night. Only bad news for them was that Morris Claiborne (CB) potentially tore his ACL. As for the Saints, they missed Mark Ingram (RB) and their play calling was questionable, including a weird fake punt call. (V)

New England, Kansas City – GUESS WHO IS GOING TO THIS GAME!?!?! Whoop whoop! You’ll get a first-hand account of my thoughts about this match-up in Kansas City and what it’s like to wear a Gronk jersey when in enemy territory. (M)

– Val and Michelle


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