Snap Road Trip: Patriots-Chiefs Game in Kansas City (and My Top 10 Thoughts About It)


I attended the Chief’s 41-14 Monday Night Football spanking of the Patriots at Arrowhead Stadium. Here my top 10 thoughts about the experience…

1. The margaritas at Arrowhead Stadium are strong. Holy tequila. They don’t mess around there.

2. It’s a good thing the margaritas at Arrowhead are strong because the Patriots sucked. I don’t know if you were expecting me to give you a breakdown of the entire game, because that’s not going to happen. I’m pretty sure saying they just all-around sucked sums it up pretty nicely. You could also use the verbs shellacked, trounced, drubbed, clobbered, walloped, lambasted, thrashed, hammered, overwhelmed, or destroyed. If you’re looking for nouns, how about debacle or disaster? (I totally stole this list of words from an NFL article about the Buccaneer’s 56-14 loss to the Falcons because they seemed to fit the situation well.) Please don’t make me re-live it.

3. You can’t change the channel when you are attending the game. Listen, I’m a hardcore fan, but every once in a while, when things get rough, I change the channel when I’m watching at home. I couldn’t do that Monday night. I tried to summon my inner NFL fan that enjoys watching displays of athletic excellence, but the struggle was real.

4. As much as I love the excitement of a live game, I found myself missing the play-by-play and analyst commentary. Let me start by saying that everyone should go to an NFL game to get the experience. That said, even with all the stats on the screens around the stadium, I felt like I missed so much of the game. It’s so hard to see who is scoring, tackling, etc. I missed seeing sideline reactions and hearing analyst insight that extends beyond what I could see in 140-characters on my Twitter feed. Granted, I’m not sure I would have liked to hear everything they were saying about the Patriots, but whatever.

5. The Chiefs have a horse named Warpaint who does a victory lap around the field whenever the Chiefs score a touchdown. I knew there was a horse involved after seeing this little gem (if you don’t click any other link on this blog, please click this one) from NFL Films about how safety Eric Berry is terrified of horses, but I kind of forgot about it. Let me tell you – Warpaint got a workout last night. I really started to hate that horse. Guess I’m just partial to minutemen.

6. Football players are big dudes. If you read this week’s Our Thoughts weekly recap, you’ll remember that I stayed in the same hotel as one of the teams the night before the game. When I entered the elevator one night, I was not expecting to see two huge dudes in there. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how big these guys are until you’re standing in a 5′ by 8′ space. I can’t tell you who they were because I didn’t recognize them and we were only going down 5 floors, but it was still entertaining. I’m not sure I hid the look of shock on my face very well when the elevator doors initially opened.

7. Going to other stadiums is fun. Arrowhead Stadium is a great stadium. My seat was pretty decent, but I have a feeling no matter where you sit in the stadium, you feel pretty close to the action. Arrowhead is built to be loud, and it definitely was last night. It was neat to be present for the Guiness World Record. (Notice I said “present for” and not “participate in” the record. I refused to contribute to the noise that was clearly affecting my boys in navy, silver, and white. My name wasn’t going in any record books and I’m pretty sure Seattle will break the record this season.) It was fun to see the different fan traditions and now I definitely want to go to more NFL stadiums in order to compare experiences.

8. Scruff is a good look on Jimmy Garoppolo. You should never look forward to the benching of your starting quarterback, but Jimmy proved to be one of the only bright spots of the night when he came in to relieve Tom Brady. I try really hard not to make this blog a “omg, how hawt is that quarterback” type of place, but sometimes you can’t ignore it. Jimmy looked good. Not only was he working the scruffy look, he actually threw a touchdown to Gronk. It made me feel better about our backup quarterback situation.

9. I know what it feels like to be heckled now and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I actually feel like I’m a better woman for it. Listen, as a Pats fan, I’m used to people saying terrible things about the team. If you weren’t raised as a Pats fan or aren’t from the area, chances are you hate them. Note that I didn’t use the word “dislike” because no one dislikes the Pats, they either love them or hate them. We left during the middle of the fourth quarter and there were some comments thrown our way, all in good fun. I didn’t flip anyone the bird – my mom would be so proud.

10. At least I’m not a Raiders fan. Dennis Allen, the Raider’s head coach, got fired Monday night. The Patriots might have been channeling the Raiders last night, but at least they aren’t the Raiders!

I live-Tweeted most of the game. Things went downhill pretty fast. Here are the “highlights” from my tweeting if you missed it.

– Michelle


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