This Week on The Snap: Life Happens


Val and I have been debating whether we should post anything this week. As much as we love this blog, sometimes “life happens” and you need to take a step back.

You see, the sun has been shining a little less brightly in our corner of the world, as our grandmother recently passed away.

We were incredibly close with her and we consider ourselves lucky to have had her with us as long as we did. Despite the many illnesses she faced, Grandma made life interesting for those around her for 95 years. (Her longevity is probably due to the fact that she was the most stubborn woman I’ve ever met in my life, but those are stories for a different time.)

I can’t really share any Grandma football stories with you because she didn’t give a hoot about football. (She only loyally followed the UCONN women’s basketball team.) Even though she didn’t really care if the Patriots won or lost, she knew that we cared.

When we were in high school and dial-up internet was a fact of life, Grandma would clip Patriots articles from her New England newspaper and mail them to us. Even after we went to college and internet speeds got faster, enabling us to access the articles online with details about the wins that weren’t televised near us, she continued to send the articles. I thought it was funny at the time, but looking back, I appreciate every single one of those articles because I know she was thinking about us whenever she clipped them.

She would ask how the Pats were doing on phone calls and even if she probably didn’t care about the answer, we’d fill her in on their most recent win or loss. She saw me throw a tantrum on her living room floor when the Pats failed to make the 2008 season playoffs and she’d welcome us with open arms whenever we needed a make a pit-stop on our drive up to training camp from Delaware.

She may not have loved football, but she loved us.

That doesn’t even begin to cover what a gem our Grandma was, but it puts smiles on our faces.

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer as to whether we should be posting or not. Hopefully you won’t judge us if we do and hopefully you’ll understand if we don’t. This blog is somewhat of an escape from the real world for us, so if we feel up to it and find the time this week, we’ll continue to post, knowing that Grandma would probably be ok with it. I know our following isn’t that big (yet), but we do appreciate the people who have supported us so far and think it’s only fair to keep you in the loop.


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