Charity Spotlight: Joique Bell Foundation

Up until recently, these were the things I knew about Joique Bell:

1) He’s a Detroit Lions running back.

2) He was on my fantasy team last year and scored me some points.

3) Even though he contributed to fantasy team wins, I wasn’t entirely sure how to say his name. I felt badly about this. (Don’t take it personally Joique – no one knows how to say our last name, so we know the struggle.)

4) He has his own mini-show on Detroit Lions site, Answer the Bell, where he interviews his teammates. It’s always entertaining. Give this man a microphone and watch him go.

No, he’s not the guy wearing the Spongebob Pants below, but the video is still worth watching.

5) He gave this motivational speech at his locker once:


After a little research, I’ve added something else to that list – Joique Bell likes to give back to his hometown community.


WHO: Joique Bell, Lions Running Back

CHARITY NAME: The Joique Bell Foundation

CAUSES: “The Joique Bell Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves as a catalyst for the youth of today to help propel their dreams of tomorrow.  The foundation exemplifies positive changes that brings positive results to encourage our youth.”

EVENTS: The Foundation’s big event is their annual youth football/cheerleading camp and celebrity basketball game held in Bell’s hometown of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Bell started this event his rookie year and it has grown since then. He wants to use the camp as a catalyst for the kids in his community – to give them something to look forward to and to encourage them to get on the right path in life.

Joique Bell Foundation Football Camp

Joique Bell Foundation – 2014 Football and Cheerleading Camp – Photo from

The Joique Bell Foundation may not have a multitude of events at the moment, but I wanted to share it with you because you can tell that the cause is very close to Bell’s heart. You don’t have to be a Larry Fitzgerald and contribute to a million different causes to make a difference in the community, and Joique does a very good job at that. I’m not saying Joique couldn’t pull a Larry Fitzgerald one day and expand his efforts, but for right now, he’s making a difference in the community that he grew up in and I think that’s pretty cool.

To get a better understanding of Joique’s story, you should definitely check out this Bleacher Report article.

Joique Bell Foundation Camp 2

Joique Bell signing autographs at his 2014 Football and Cheerleading camp – Photo from

WEBSITE: (Not that you care, but he’s got some sick graphic design on his site. Very well done.)


– Michelle


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