Our Thoughts – 2014 NFL Week 10 Recap

Our Thoughts - NFL Week 10 recap

I know it might be hard to believe, but Val and I actually have real jobs outside of this blog.

Crazy, right?

Getting a paycheck and heath insurance is swell and all, but sometimes, it’s super annoying when you have so much work you don’t have time to write for your football blog.

Val is actually so busy, she hasn’t quite had the time to do the stellar job she usually does when it comes to breaking down each of the games…so you’re stuck with me. Since I’m running short on time and it’s practically week 11, you’re gonna get express versions of week 10 games. If Val’s summaries are a fine dining restaurant, mine this week are take-out Chinese. Both are good, but completely different experiences.

If this blog starts to crash and burn, we can all point back to week 10 as when things started going downhill.

This is what we thought about week 10 in the NFL…

Cleveland (24), Cincinnati (3) – With this win, the Browns move into first place in the AFC North. It’s probably been years since anyone has written that sentence. (Oh wait, Peter King has got us covered: The last time the Browns were in first place in the division after week 10, it was 1994 and Bill Belichick [now super coach of the Patriots] was the head coach.) Andy Dalton (Bengals QB) gave the haters more fuel with his passer rating of 2. That’s not a typo. (A perfect passer rating is 158.3.)

Kansas City (17), Buffalo (13) – Alex Smith continued to be consistent, despite the Bills defensive line making his life hell. The Bill’s defense is giving this team a chance and dominated for the first three quarters. Their offense needs to do their part. Here’s your fun fact – the Chiefs are the only team in the NFL which has not recorded a touchdown reception by a wide receiver.

Detroit (20), Miami (16) – Detroit pulled out another last-minute win in this defensive slug-fest. There were three fake punts during the beginning of the game, which is not something you see everyday. Bad news for the Dolphins – Branden Albert, the left tackle (protects the QB’s blind side) who may be one of the team’s best offensive players, is out for the season with a knee injury.

Dallas (31), Jaguars (17) – The poor Jaguars. They can’t seem to get it together. At least Denard Robinson (Jaguars RB and prior college QB) provided some excitement for the team, scoring a TD in the first quarter. Dez Bryant (Cowboys WR) ate his Wheaties, acquiring 158 yards scoring 2 TDs. Tony Romo (Cowboys QB) may be playing through a ton of pain with his back injury, but he did what he needed in this last London game of the season.

San Francisco (27), New Orleans (24) – Nail-biter alert for this game between two teams with something to prove. The game went into overtime and the 9ers were able to recover a fumble and score a field goal. Kaepernick (49ers QB) made big plays when it was needed. The Saints had the lead with less than 2 minutes to go, but weren’t able to hold onto it.

Baltimore (21), Tennessee (7) – Remember that guy I got my picture taken with at the Ravens’ Purple Evening? He killed it this week. Justin Forsett (Ravens RB) scored two 2 TDs and ran for 128 yards. The Titans are still trying to figure out their identity.

New York Jets (20), Pittsburgh (13) – For the life of me, I can’t figure out this Steelers team. The last two weeks Ben Roethlisberger had 6 (six!) touchdowns. This week, he had one and they lost to the Jets. Go figure. Who knows why they are so inconsistent, but I will point out that Justin Bieber stayed at the same hotel as them and joined their bible study the night before the game….just stating the facts. Anyway, apparently Michael Vick (Jets QB) looked pretty good and the Jets were able to win their second game of the year.

Atlanta (27), Tampa Bay (17) – The Falcons broke their five-game losing streak by beating up on struggling division rival Buccaneers. Any other division and the Falcons would probably be out of playoff talks, but the NFC South is kinda pathetic right now. Mike Evans (Tampa Bay WR) is a bright spot on the Bucs.

Denver (41), Oakland (17) – Peyton Manning (Denver QB) against a team that has lost their last 15 games. Yup. That pretty much sums that game up.

Arizona (31), St. Louis (14) – Carson Palmer (Cardinals QB) is out for the season with a torn ACL. He just signed a 3-year, $50 million extension last Friday. We feel bad for him. The Cardinals still managed to pull out a win, with rookie WR John Brown making an impressive catch late in the game. Palmer has already missed some games due to injury this year, so the team can take comfort in the fact that backup QB Drew Stanton is able to win games.

Seattle (38), New York Giants (17) – The Seahawks were able to take advantage of a beat-up Giants secondary (cornerbacks and safeties). Skittles (Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks RB) was on fi-yah with 4 TDs.

Green Bay (55), Chicago (14) – Well, this was em-bear-assing. Get it? The Chicago Bears? Nevermind. We had another appearance by Bad Jay Cutler (Bears QB). On the other side of the field, Aaron Rodgers (Packers QB) was all like…

Philadelphia (45), Carolina (21) – Mark Sanchez (Eagles QB) filled in for an injured Nick Foles. Clearly, Chip Kelly’s (Eagles head coach) offense fits Sanchez’s skill set better than the offense he was in with the Jets. The Eagles played well on offense, defense and special teams. Meanwhile, Carolina is like, woah, what happened? They were good last year and Cam Newton (Panthers QB) keeps trying to take the blame, but last time we checked, it’s a team sport.

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– Val and Michelle


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