Football Basics – What is Black Monday?

Black Monday Football Basics NFL

Happy Black Monday, y’all!

Actually, unless you’re a coach looking for a new job, it’s not a very happy day. Unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the only shopping that is involved is for new NFL coaches.

Black Monday is the nickname for the Monday after the last game of the regular season. This is the day that NFL teams choosing to fire their head coaches or general managers announce that they are doing so.

Generally speaking, these are teams that did not make the playoffs this year. As the end of the season approaches, you can make some pretty good guesses regarding which coaches and GMs will being going bye-bye, but sometimes there are surprises.

We’ll be updating this page as we receive confirmations about who is getting the boot this year. The following personnel will not be returning to their respective teams forĀ the 2015 season:

  • Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 49ers Head Coach (Most likely headed to University of Michigan after they gave him 48 million reasons)
  • John Idzik, New York Jets General Manager
  • Rex Ryan, New York Jets Head Coach
  • Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons Head Coach
  • Marc Trestman, Chicago Bears Head Coach
  • Phil Emery, Chicago Bears General Manager

The Oakland Raiders also have a head coaching vacancy after they fired Dennis Allen week 5 and Tony Sparano was named Interim Head Coach.

– Michelle


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