Biscuits: A Snap Life Update


Lately I’ve been obsessed with the new Kacey Musgraves’ song “Biscuits”. Written by the same team that penned Musgraves’ country music game-changer “Follow Your Arrow”, it’s the lead single off of her new album and it’s so damn catchy. It’s got lyrics you wish you had written and a sing-along chorus that has you clapping whether you want to or not. It has me all sorts of jealous that I’m not the gorgeous hair goddess known as Kacey Musgraves.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I need to make a point and that point is that lately I’ve been obsessing over things other than football. Shocking, I know.

Now I probably don’t owe the internet an excuse as to why there’s been a sudden decrease in Snap posts over the last two months, but sudden inspiration and Catholic guilt has me typing away, so that’s what you’re going to get.

Considering the fervor with which we write about football here on The Snap, it may be a surprise that we have lives outside of our NFL obsession. These lives include full-time jobs, occasional social events, Monday and Tuesday night dates with The Voice, and in the last few months, a Boston-based battle against record-setting amounts of snow. (Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD] is a real thing, people! I can testify that 108 inches of snow can bring you to a very dark place. By the end of February, I was seriously pondering a move to Miami, even if it would mean being in Patriot rival territory. Yes, they were dark times indeed.)

I care about the writing I do for The Snap. Sure, it’s a blog Val and I started for fun, but that doesn’t mean that we have low quality standards. We never want to post something just for the sake of having a post. That would be lame.

I’ve always been very particular about my writing process and as much as I wish differently, the writing habits that got me through high school and college have carried over to the blog. These habits include waiting for inspiration to strike and more often than not, doing my best work right when I should be going to bed. Not only are these things inefficient and not conducive to a great sleep schedule, but they are just so freakin’ annoying.

Simply put, it’s been a struggle the last few weeks. On top of my diva-esque writing habits and some personal issues taking up the majority of my brain power, there have been many nights in the past few weeks that I’ve come home after staring at Excel spreadsheets for 10+ hours a day and the thought of opening up my personal computer made me want to vomit.

From September to January, the excitement of the NFL season often got me over the vomit-threshold and spurred the 2-3 posts you saw each week during the regular season. Now, that we’re in the offseason, the truth is that the slower NFL news cycle hasn’t done much to inspire me. Sure, the first week of free agency was pretty exciting, but other than that, I haven’t been jazzed enough about the NFL to log into the old WordPress account. It’s kinda sad.

biscuits lyrics

I felt guilty about it for a while, but then I got over it when I realized that there’s an offseason for a reason. Players and coaches need a break, and considering that no one is paying me to write about football all year long, I think I needed a break too. Mind you, I had bold plans of writing with the same 2-3 post frequency in the offseason, taking advantage of the slow news cycle to do more of the “this is how football works” posts, but you know what they say about best laid plans. The bottom line is that I haven’t been inspired and I don’t want that lack of inspiration to result in craptastic posts that make you wonder if the joy of football writing has abandoned me. (It hasn’t – it was just buried under mountains of snow.)

Now some of you may point out that there is a second writer on this blog and I would say, yes, you are correct and she is quite attractive! Val has an even better excuse as to why she hasn’t written. She has a new job! Yay, Val! She’s been making very exciting and overdue life changes lately. I couldn’t very well boss her around and order to her to regurgitate her football knowledge via Snap posts when she had other important life things to address. (Did you know that along with death and divorce, career changes are the most stressful changes you can go through in life? True story!) Job change = free pass to not maintain regular blog posts in offseason.

So I guess this is the point that I’m supposed to apologize for sucking and then tell you what’s coming up next on The Snap. I’m not going to do either. OK, actually I will apologize for the unintentional lack of posts – I know some of you rely on them as a distraction to get through the work day. My bad. (There’s that Catholic guilt again!)

That said, I don’t know what our plans are for the Snap. Is it going away? Hell no. We just needed a breather, people. Let’s not overreact.

The Snap will continue on, as there’s a list of topics in our heads that are just waiting to manifest themselves in the form of a post. When that happens, we promise the posts will be coming from a place of enthusiasm for this blog and the sport of football. After all, there’s still so much to learn!

We’d love it if you’d stick with us as we continue on this football journey.


– Michelle, or the girl who has a serious case of Kacey Musgraves nose-piercing envy


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