Charity Spotlight: Brigance Brigade Update

Do you ever have a day where you just need to hear some good news?

Today was one of those days.

That’s why we were happy to see an update in our inbox from one of our favorite charities. We featured them in our Charity Spotlight a few months ago and wanted to pass along their recent success, especially in light of everything that has been happening in Baltimore the last few days.

Brigance Brigade Logo2

The Brigance Brigade held their 2nd Annual 5.7K Championship Run and 1 Mile Family Run/Walk this past weekend on Saturday, April 25. Over 1,400 runners raised more than $175,000 for those suffering from ALS and their families. How about that for some good news coming out of the Baltimore area?

Unfortunately, we were not able to attend the event this year because of prior commitments, but we’re hoping that we will make an appearance in the future. I’m just gonna throw this out there – we’re not runners, so if you expect us to do more than the 1 Mile Family Run/Walk, you may be disappointed.

Congrats to the Brigance Brigade and all of the families that will be helped with the raised funds!

Brigance Brigade 2

Brigance Brigade Run1


Brigance Brigade 4

Brigance Brigade 3

Photos courtesy of the Brigance Brigade Foundation.

– Michelle & Val


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