Football Fan Gift Ideas – Father’s Day Edition

Father's Day Gift Guide - NFL Football Fans

In case you didn’t realize, we’re less than a week away from Father’s Day. Oh snap.

Our friends over at Man Crates asked us for help this year figuring out what men want for Father’s Day. Well, we’re not men, but we’re professional shoppers and decent gift givers, so we agreed to put together a list of things that we think the football lovin’ men in our lives might appreciate.

By the way, Man Crates is exactly what it sounds like. They ship crates full of manly things to men. We’re talking whiskey, bacon, grilling supplies, outdoor survival stuff, and other things that dudes (and maybe some ladies…who are we to judge?) might enjoy.

(If I were to get a man crate, I would hope that it had an actual man in it – a guy with an athletic build that knows how to make household repairs, gives a great foot massage, and of course, watches football. Man Crates does not seem to have this in stock yet, though. Sigh. A girl can dream.)

1. Game Tickets (varies) – We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – There is nothing quite like the experience of an NFL game. Look at your calendar and figure out which Sunday (or Monday night or Thursday night) works for you and dad to have a bonding experience.

2. Frost Boss ($19.99) – We’ve all got that one friend that shows up late to the party with warm beers. If he’s a father, maybe you should get him this bad boy so that he can chill your beers in 2 minutes. It’s perfect for tailgates too.

3. NFL Barware Man Crate ($89.99) – When your gift arrives in a crate that needs to be opened with a crowbar, there is no question that it exudes manliness. Like, if this arrived on my doorstep, I would expect that this guy packed it. This crate designed with the NFL fan in mind is our favorite because it’s 1) it’s NFL team glassware and we’re suckers for themed glassware 2) the coasters have bottle openers and 3) it’s got snacks. (While you’re on their site, you should totally enter for a chance for you and your dad to win a trip to Oktoberfest. Because, you know, beer.)

4. Football Books – Our top picks this year include 1) Parcells: A Football Life by Nunyo Demasio ($12.00) for the dad that loves thick history books and biographies, 2) No Excuses: Growing Up Deaf and Achieving My Super Bowl Dreams by Derrick Coleman Jr. w/ Marcus Brotherton ($16.99) for the dad that loves an inspirational story, and 3) Take Your Eye Off the Ball by Pat Kirwan ($14.07) for the dad that wants to learn how to watch the game from an expert.

5. NFL Car Mats ($56.99 and up) – We feel like car mats are a subtle, yet practical way to show your team spirit. (Thank goodness we both have blue cars which just happen to go well with New England’s team colors.) We’d only get the mats if they matched the interior/exterior colors of the car, but if your guy is colorblind, it probably doesn’t matter. We found some for $25.98 from Walmart, but the Kohl’s ones linked above got decent quality reviews and you can always get money off there.

6. Hot Dog Brander ($14.95) – If we had to bet, this is the sort of thing that you might only use once, but the fact that it exists is why it makes the gift guide. Man Crates probably has a meat crate that would pair nicely with this.

7. Grill Set ($53.99) – Let’s stay with the meat grilling theme because cooking meat in the outdoors is manly. Might as well get a grill cover and an apron while you’re at it.

8. Cornhole Set ($299.95) – You’ve still got most of the summer left and who doesn’t love a good game of cornhole? (Actually, that would be both of us. Anything involving hand-eye coordination is an exercise in humiliation.) Dudes seem to love this game because it only takes one hand to throw a beanbag. That means they have a free hand to hold a beer. (Can we just say that we love the festive conference-themed bean bags that come with this set? I mean, can you get any more adorable than a little AFC or NFC logo? No, no you can’t.)

9. Bucket Hat ($27.95) – Laugh all you want at this hat, but we see coaches and players wearing these all the time at OTAs and training camp because they are light-weight and offer decent sun protection. Nobody wants to be the loser with the sunburned head. We know a couple of dads that would totally rock this hat. Great for the beach.

If these don’t get the job done for you, check out our Brothers and Boyfriends Edition of Football Fan Gift Guide.

– Michelle and Val


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