State of the Female NFL Fan: 2015

State of the NFL Female Fan 2015

Where are all my ladies?

It’s the question NFL teams should be asking themselves, with women making up about 45% of the sport’s fan base. We’ve featured what some individual teams have done here on The Snap through our Women and the NFL series, but today we’re taking a “big picture” look at women’s initiatives across the league as of November 2015.

Through our research, we identified areas where teams are doing well and where teams are making progress for female fans.

For those of you who are wondering, our research was primarily composed of extensive Googling. The most reliable information came directly from the team’s sites, but we pulled in information from other sites if relevant.

Let’s start with some good news…

State of Female Fan - Mom's Safety Clinics

Most teams run their Mom’s Safety Clinics in cooperation with USA Football, the sport’s national governing body, which leads game development for youth, high school, and other amateur players. We were honestly surprised this number was not at 100% and we are predicting that this type of event will be around for the foreseeable future.

State of Female Fan - Official Fan Clubs

Fees for the fee-based fan clubs range from $40-$100 and usually involve team swag and access to exclusive events. It’s important to note free fan clubs usually charge a fee with some of their events. Also, we want to point out that teams without fan clubs for women still hold events for women. Speaking of events…

State of Female Fan - Events

We love the fact that about half of the league hosts Football 101/201 or annual Ladies Nights. Football 101/201 events generally cater toward women and include the opportunity to run drills on the field and participate in game Q&A with team personnel. Ladies Nights can offer player interaction, shopping opportunities, panels, facility tours, and refreshments.

We would like to see the numbers for the other events (training camp, community service, health and wellness, and tailgating) increase. We understand that not all of these events will appeal to women in different markets, but they are a great opportunity for teams to show their creativity with their female fan bases.

State of the Female NFL Fan - Events by Division

We thought it would be fun to break up event statistics by division to see if there were any trends. We did not include Mom’s Safety Clinics in this event count – only the team events in the “Hey…Can We Get An Invite?” image. Kudos to the AFC South and the NFC West.

State of Female NFL Fan - Women's Association

It didn’t seem right to forget about some of the biggest female fans – team employees and the female family members of team employees. There is not a ton of information available for these groups, so we’re assuming they do a lot more behind the scenes.

State of Female Fan - Lifestyle Sites

The Buccaneers also have a section on their site devoted to Red, their women’s fan club, which includes info about their upcoming events, as well as some great behind the scenes posts and media from Casey Phillips, the team reporter. The Patriots have a Lifestyle section on their site. While some of their content is fun, there is definitely room for improvement, especially in comparison with what you see from the Colts and Cowboys.

We like to give credit where it’s due, so we’ve decided to sort the teams into four tiers based on the extent of their activities for women.

State of Female Fans - Tier One

State of Female NFL Fan - Tier Three

State of Female NFL Fan - Tier 3

State of the Female NFL Fan - Tier 4

The plan is for us to complete this assessment on an annual basis.

If you would like to see some of our underlying data, shoot us a note through our Contact page and we can send you our handy-dandy Excel spreadsheet.

– Michelle & Val


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