2015 Fantasy Football Year-End Summary

Hi Mom…and hi to other Snap readers who have been anxiously waiting for our return from our unplanned hiatus. There was a lot that happened over the last month in the NFL – the regular season came to an end, new coaches got hired, existing coaches got fired (Chip Kelly! Did anyone see that coming before the last game of the season? NOT US) and St. Louis lost its football team. Just like the Rams in LA, we’re baaaaack and just in time for the start of the playoffs. Yay football.

(I promise you – there is a point to this post, but first I’m going to ramble. I figure it’s the best way to get you caught up on the last month and get the writing juices flowing.)

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and the conclusion of the 2015 NFL season. Our holidays were great, thanks for asking. Admittedly, they would have been better if we both didn’t get sick. We both became “one with the couch” for a few days before Christmas and it sucked. Not only did it interfere with our motivation to blog, but it also interrupted our holiday baking plans. Is it really Christmas if you don’t have Christmas cookies? I’m not quite sure it is.

We got to catch up on some movies (Jurassic World – awesome. Mad Max – terrifying and confusing and weirdly empowering at the end.) We enjoyed not having to look at our computer screens for hours a day. We watched a few football games and some us were able to finish our fantasy football seasons on a high note.

Generally speaking, people don’t care about any fantasy football team but their own. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to zone out when people are talking about their latest waiver wire pickup unless there’s an opportunity for me to jump into the conversation and talk about my own fantasy team. (The firm exception to this rule is my mother’s fantasy team. We’re all emotionally invested in the success of her fantasy team. She is not a happy camper unless she is dominating the poor unsuspecting souls in her league. Life is just easier when she’s got a winning record.)

Now that I’ve established that you probably don’t care about other people’s fantasy teams, I’m going to tell you all about the fantasy results for our family.

  • Our mom won her fantasy league again this year with her team, Wilfork You Up. Not only did she win, but she dominated the finals with a season-high number of points. This year she displayed some mad draft skills and had some impressive pickups early in the season that paid dividends later. (Her fantasy intuition, as well as her smack-talk, are reasons why I will not be in a league with her.)
  • Our brother was in the same league as mom (glutton for punishment that child is) and he didn’t do quite as well. Actually, he probably wouldn’t want me to share just how far behind our mom he finished, so I won’t.
  • Val didn’t have a fantasy team, but I’m going to give her the GM of the year award for helping Momma O manage her team. Thank goodness you didn’t screw up too badly or else you might have been looking for new fantasy football employment on Black Monday.
  • I was only in three leagues this year.
    • We’re going to skip going into too much detail about the one I did with some college friends, as it was the worst performance I have ever had in a fantasy league. Completely mortifying. Where’s my cone of shame?
    • I made it to the semi-finals in my work league and finished in 4th place overall, which wasn’t terrible considering the number of injuries I dealt with (and by that I mean injuries the real life players dealt with) and the large number of people in the league.
    • For research purposes, I joined a Battle Red fantasy league. Battle Red is the Texans women’s fan club. I’m happy to report that I won that league and I will be receiving an autographed picture of a Texans player in the mail to recognize my accomplishment. Booyah.

Speaking of fantasy football results, our Weekly Pick ‘Em Challenge is continuing through the playoffs. While Val and I are secretly competitive and enjoy sitting on top of the leaderboard, we realize that this is not a good way to make friends or get people to join our league in the future. I would promise to not try as hard next year, but realistically that won’t happen. Here are the standings as of the wild card weekend:

Weekly Pick 'Em 2015 - Wild Card

We’ll try to be better about blogging through the playoffs. Let us know what you want us to write about in the comments below and we’ll do our best to give the people what they want.

– Michelle


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