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Why did we name our blog “The Snap”?

The short answer is that it’s football-related and sounds a little bit sassy. *oh snap*

The long metaphorical answer is that a snap is the moment the ball is handed off to from the center to the quarterback and starts a play. It’s an exciting moment that could trigger numerous exciting possibilities. The Snap is meant to trigger football-loving possibilities for all you people who don’t realize you love football yet. Basically this blog is a gateway drug, but one that hopefully doesn’t result in you ending up in prison.

val profile picVAL

If a hybrid of Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire was created and you got to phone a friend for the daily double, Val would be the woman to call if you wanted to bet all your money and the topic was current NFL news. She is an NFL news machine and is ruthless when it comes to recalling facts. It’s scary and impressive all at the same time.

She’s a Pats fan, but has probably seen more games featuring other teams, as she’s convinced she jinxes the Pats when she watches them. Sometimes this is a non-issue, as she doesn’t get all the Pats games in Delaware. She’s come to enjoy watching highlight videos afterwards for the good of the cause. As we’ve learned from clever Bud Light commercials, it’s only weird if it doesn’t work, so we don’t question her methods.

Val is a two-time NFL.com Playoff Challenge winner of her family league and has had her ups and downs in regular season fantasy football. She is responsible for giving Momma O fantasy rundowns each week, even though Momma O just ends up picking players based on who has the best smile (and find tremendous success with this method). The whole process is really quite entertaining.

Once, while sitting the stands of a Patriots training camp practice, Val spotted Peter King (sports columnist extraordinaire of Monday Morning Quarterback fame) and yelled that she liked his new website. Giddiness ensued when he acknowledged her.


sha hosting tot pats2MICHELLE

Michelle tells everyone she moved to Boston for her job, but in reality, she was just sick of not being able to see all the Pats games on TV. It was also really annoying to drive 6 hours to training camp each summer.

Michelle reads a lot of NFL news, but doesn’t retain a portion of what Val retains. She attempts to make up for this with her enthusiasm for the sport, something on full display, along with an interesting TD dance, in a video that won the Val and Michelle a trip to Super Bowl XLVI at Cowboy Stadium in 2011.

Other football highlights of Michelle’s life include watching Randy Moss catch a TD pass from Tom Brady right in front of her at an unseasonably warm December game at Gillette stadium and hosting two episodes of Totally Patriots, a Sunday morning kids show for budding Boston sports fans. (The Totally Patriots judging panel included Pro Bowler Matt Slater, who said he liked Michelle’s shoes. More giddiness ensued.)

Michelle always says she’s going to limit the number of fantasy leagues she’s in, but consistently ends up in at least three. She looks back on her first few years of fantasy as her glory days, as her success has recently declined, most likely due to her penchant for picking running backs that end up on IR.

Michelle once told Josh Freeman that he had fantastic hair. She felt like an idiot afterwards, but Val assured her that this reaction was understandable, as he really did have a great head of hair.

Michelle is a proud member of WISE Boston.



The pictures posted and opinions expressed on this site are ours, unless otherwise noted. Please don’t use our pictures or our content without our permission, as that would make you a butthead. You are more than welcome to link to anything on The Snap, as we love making new friends.

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We would hate to piss off Roger, so we feel the need to put this legalese out there.


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