Snap Chat: Joe Theismann

Snap Chat Interview - Joe Theismann

To say Joe Theismann is a busy man would probably be an understatement. As a retired NFL quarterback, he spends his time as a football analyst, restaurant owner, motivational speaker, and most recently, as an actor. His performance in “Love on the Sidelines,” a Hallmark Channel romantic comedy, is what we are discussing, but I can’t suppress my inner football geek.

“So…do you have any playoff predictions?” I ask.

Now, I’m sure that Joe gets asked football questions all the time and he probably wouldn’t mind continuing our conversation about his recent acting experience, but he humors me. Not only that, Joe seems more than happy to talk about the upcoming games.

“My picks for the Super Bowl are the Cardinals and the Patriots. The Cardinals are the most complete team in the NFL right now, and when New England is healthy, they are hard to beat,” says the man who hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in 1983.

As our conversation continues, we discuss the Redskins, recent coaching changes, and RG3. Not only is he extremely well-spoken, but he’s very friendly, insightful, and patient as I jump around from topic to topic.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, as both Beth Grossbard (the executive producer of “Love on the Sidelines”) and Joe’s assistant, who helped me with scheduling, both praised him for his easy-going nature and genuine interest in connecting with people. Grossbard described Joe as better than any therapist and I totally get it after having the opportunity to chat with him.


If you’ve seen “The Blind Side,” you may recall that the movie opens with footage of a Redskins-Giants football game with a Sandra Bullock voice-over explaining why the left tackle, the guy who protects the blindside of the quarterback, is often the second highest paid player on a team. The footage shows a quarterback succumbing to a gruesome leg injury. That quarterback is Joe Theismann and sadly, that injury ended his career in the NFL.

More often than not, Joe’s name is synonymous with that injury. While it would be understandable if he tried to distance himself from that terrible moment, he doesn’t. In fact, he was recently quoted in The Washington Post describing it as “a blessing.”

The experience is actually one of the reasons Joe was drawn to his role in “Love on the Sidelines.” In the movie, Joe plays Owen Holland, the father of a quarterback who is in the process of rehabbing a serious injury.

“There was an emotional connection there,” says Joe, explaining that he understood the process that the injured character was going through. Having the opportunity to play the father, and one who showed pride in what his son had accomplished, was also appealing to Joe.

This wasn’t Joe’s first foray into acting, as he made appearances on “Necessary Roughness” in 2013 and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in 2014. When I questioned him about the experience of acting, he described the challenge of transitioning from a public speaker. (Joe travels the country as a motivational speaker. You can check out a snippet here.)

“Speeches are about projecting, there’s more force to it. Acting is about capturing the moment. It’s about taking the written words and making them a part of who you are,” says Joe.

A highlight of the experience was the cast and crew. Joe had nothing but good things to say about the director and described Emily Kinney (pictured below with Joe at the Hallmark press party) and John Reardon, who play the lead roles, as “consummate professionals and fun to be around.”

Emily Kinney and Joe Theismann Love on the Sidelines Hallmark

From speaking with executive producer Beth Grossbard, it was apparent the feelings were reciprocated by the cast and crew. She appreciated the attention that he showed to everyone on set and fondly recalled how “he would make a touchdown signal any time he had a good take.”

Even though he was only on-set for one day, he signed autographs for everyone and he showed genuine appreciation for being part of the romantic comedy.

“I’m very excited about having [this] opportunity,” says Joe. “It’s a terrific movie. I think it will be enjoyed by a lot of people.”


It was an absolute thrill to talk to Joe, who was extremely generous with his time and left me the nicest voicemail, which I will probably never delete because I’m weird like that. Thank you so much to Joe Theismann for talking to me about acting and football, and to Beth Grossbard for arranging the interview.

(Oh and for those of you who are wondering, here are some of the interesting NFL tidbits I got from Joe: He thinks that despite the Redskins’ recent playoff loss, they were able to accomplish a lot in in the face of change and injuries, especially to the tight ends and corners. He thinks that the team’s priorities for 2016 should be corners and receivers (“You can always use more receivers”) and now they can start drafting for depth to fortify the team. As far as head coaches go, Joe thinks that Cleveland is walking away a winner with Hue Jackson and he was surprised that San Fransisco went with Chip Kelly.)

“Love on the Sidelines” premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 9/8 Central. Photo courtesy of Beth Grossbard / Hallmark.

– Michelle


Oh, Snap, Brandon Williams!

You know we love when we get love from NFL players.

This week that love is coming from Brandon Williams, a Ravens defensive tackle. He appeared in our Purple Evening post and then he re-tweeted the article.

Brandon Williams Re-tweet

Brandon, if we could sing like you sang to that girl at the Purple Evening, we would be serenading you right now. Thank you for acknowledging our existence. You are now part of The Snap family, whether you like it or not.


Oh, Snap, Mike Reiss!

Mike Reiss Twitter

Normal people like to brag about movie star encounters. Val and I like to brag about recognizing sports writers. Deal with it.

I initially felt like a total creeper when I recognized the ESPN Patriots beat reporter, Mike Reiss, in the airport yesterday, but I got over it pretty quickly. (Considering the amount of time I spend on, it’s not completely ridiculous that I would be able to pick him out of a crowd. Just putting that out there…)

Mike and I just so happened to be on the same flight to Kansas City – he was going to cover the Patriots-Chiefs game, and I was on my way to attend the game (oh yeah and do some things for my real job). I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell one of my favorite sports journalists how much I enjoyed his writing, so I went up to him and introduced myself.

Mike Reiss was incredibly gracious and I can’t thank him enough for taking a few minutes to chat with me. Even if you’re not a Boston fan, you have to appreciate the quality and the quantity of work that Reiss puts out on a regular basis. Sure, there are other Pats beat writers, but Reiss is my go-to for game analysis, statistical breakdowns, and more detailed player profiles. What I really love about Reiss’s writing is that everyone from a novice to the most-seasoned fan can get something out of it, which is not easy to accomplish.

As an established writer on ESPN, he might not need the promotion on this little blog, but I would definitely recommend heading over to ESPN Boston to read some of Mike’s work, even if you aren’t a Pats fan. You don’t need to take my word for it – our boy Peter King at Monday Morning Quarterback has pointed to Reiss as a source in his MMQB column more than once. Good sports reporting is good sports reporting, and Mike is one of the best.

Mike’s personal site