Favorite Link Friday – October 10, 2014

Favorite Link Friday Oct 10 The Snap

Fridays are always exciting because…well…they’re Fridays.


This Friday, however, is super exciting because it means we’re one day closer to some epic Snap content that we’ll be posting over the next week.  We’re not going to tell you what’s going down, so we guess you’ll just have to come back to see what we have in store for you.

*cue evil laughter* Wahahahaha.

This is what we thought was worth passing along to you from this week in football news…

If you have 1 minute to kill and/or like Bradley Cooper…

1. We wonder if Bradley Cooper dislikes New York or he’s just channeling his Silver Linings Playbook character. Regardless, it should be a great game.


If you have 5 minutes to kill…

2. A Rookie All Over Again – Ever wonder what happens after a player retires? This gem from Monday Morning Quarterback reporter Jenny Vrentas answers that question and more as she finds out what happens when you trade the NFL lifestyle for law school with the recently retired cornerback Chris Carr.


If you have 15 minutes to kill…

3) How can NFL fix its perception problem? Help is in the locker room – Can’t get enough of Coach Chrissy Carew from our Insightful Player post? She and some of her players are mentioned in this article by Jason La Canfora.


In other news, our mom took a break from dominating her fantasy league this week and finally signed up for email alerts from The Snap. That means you should too. (We mean sign up for our email alerts, but feel free to dominate in your fantasy league too. We approve of both.)

– Michelle