Football Fan Grub Guide: Our Big Game Favorites

Big Game Football Grub Guide

Even for us, the Big Game is about more than just football. If our favorite team is playing, we’re generally less inclined to care about the food (since we know we’ll be too nauseous to eat), but in years like this, where our guys aren’t on the field, we have a few favorite go-to snacks.

Below you will find our favorite appetizers, along with links for recipes.

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings – Duh. Let’s start with the obvious here. We’re not even going to bother to share a recipe because our favorite wings are the ones our brother makes. He’s got a secret recipe that we can’t share. However, we will say that the trick is to leave them in the oven for a long time so you can enjoy crunchy goodness.
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip – Another obvious football game appetizer. There are so many variations of this, but our favorite recipe calls for shredded chicken breast instead of the canned stuff and ranch dressing instead of blue cheese. The recipe we linked is closest to the one we use, however, depending on the size of your party, we would probably cut the recipe in half.
  • Asian Ramen Slaw – The best thing about this recipe is that you can throw all the ingredients together the night before your party. The longer it sits, the better it tastes. It’s also a lighter side, so it’s a nice complement to all the heavier appetizers you typically see. Personally, we don’t add almonds or sunflower seeds, but it’s up to you if those ingredients tickle your fancy.
  • Veggie Pita Pizzas – These are the prettiest appetizer you’ll ever see. The biggest difference between the way we make these and the recipe described in the link is that we use pita bread. Not only do you cut out the process of baking crescent roll dough, but the pita is a healthier alternative. Use reduced fat mayo and cream cheese, and you have an almost guilt-free snack. Our favorite veggies to put on top are broccoli, cucumbers, and red, yellow, and green peppers. Even though carrots would probably look pretty, Michelle thinks carrots taste like pencils, so that doesn’t happen.
  • Peanut Butter Cheese Ball Football – If you haven’t discovered Buns In My Oven, you are missing out on one of the best food blogs of all time. Michelle made this peanut butter cheese ball for a football party a few years ago and guarantees that it’s easy and delicious. Use the recipe linked above to make the actual ball, but you should totally decorate it like this.

Check out other game day grub ideas we collected on our Pinterest board! What’s your favorite Big Game snack? Share in the comments below!

– Michelle & Val