Favorite Link Friday – September 26, 2014

The Snap Blog Football Links Articles

Not that you care, but my laundry situation is finally under control.

Here are some of our favorite football-related finds on the internet this week:

1) Bond of Brothers – Our favorite football articles are often ones that have very little to do with a player’s performance on-field. This piece from NFL.com is about the bromance of Roddy White and Julio Jones, the dynamic wide receiver duo in Atlanta. Julio is Val’s Fantasy BFF, and we just love these guys in general.

2) Looking Through Bulletproof Windows – A timely piece on Monday Morning Quarterback written by an NFL player. Pittsburgh cornerback William Gay shares how domestic abuse affected his life and the importance of speaking up to prevent abuse.

3) This was all over the web this week, but if you missed it, you need to watch it and then go do something fantastic with your life. When does this kid’s motivational speaking tour start?

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Have a faaaantastic weekend!

– Michelle