Oh, Snap, Mike Reiss!

Mike Reiss Twitter

Normal people like to brag about movie star encounters. Val and I like to brag about recognizing sports writers. Deal with it.

I initially felt like a total creeper when I recognized the ESPN Patriots beat reporter, Mike Reiss, in the airport yesterday, but I got over it pretty quickly. (Considering the amount of time I spend on ESPNBoston.com, it’s not completely ridiculous that I would be able to pick him out of a crowd. Just putting that out there…)

Mike and I just so happened to be on the same flight to Kansas City – he was going to cover the Patriots-Chiefs game, and I was on my way to attend the game (oh yeah and do some things for my real job). I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell one of my favorite sports journalists how much I enjoyed his writing, so I went up to him and introduced myself.

Mike Reiss was incredibly gracious and I can’t thank him enough for taking a few minutes to chat with me. Even if you’re not a Boston fan, you have to appreciate the quality and the quantity of work that Reiss puts out on a regular basis. Sure, there are other Pats beat writers, but Reiss is my go-to for game analysis, statistical breakdowns, and more detailed player profiles. What I really love about Reiss’s writing is that everyone from a novice to the most-seasoned fan can get something out of it, which is not easy to accomplish.

As an established writer on ESPN, he might not need the promotion on this little blog, but I would definitely recommend heading over to ESPN Boston to read some of Mike’s work, even if you aren’t a Pats fan. You don’t need to take my word for it – our boy Peter King at Monday Morning Quarterback has pointed to Reiss as a source in his MMQB column more than once. Good sports reporting is good sports reporting, and Mike is one of the best.

Mike’s personal sitehttp://www.mikereiss.net/